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Our organization is based on democracy.


Our organization is based on democracy.

The tasks of the South Savo Regional Council include regional development, land use planning and the promotion of local and regional interests in general. The Council creates conditions for wellbeing, economic development and a safe and attractive physical environment for its citizens. It receives its funding from the member municipalities.

The Regional Assembly

The Regional Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the Regional Council. It consist of 49 members. Members for the Assembly are chosen by municipal councils. The Regional Assembly meets twice a year. 

Chairman of the Regional Assembly is Mr. Jarno Strengell (Social Democratic Party).

Jarno Strengell.

Hannu Auvinen.

Eero Aho.

Regional Assembly 2021-2025

  • Jarno Strengell, Chairman (Social Democratic Party), Mikkeli
  • Hannu Auvinen, ​1st vice-chairman (Centre Party), Sulkava
  • Eero Aho, 2nd vice-chairman (National Coalition Party), Mikkeli

Representatives of political parties:

  • 15 Centre Party representatives
  • 11 Social Democratic Party representatives
  • National Coalition Party representatives
  • 6 The Finns Party representatives
  • 3 The Greens representatives
  • 2 Christian Democrats representatives
  • 2 Movement Now representatives
  • 1 Left Alliance representative

The Regional Board of South Savo

The executive body of the Regional Council is called the Regional Board. The responsibility for the implementation of the decisions lies with the Regional Board and its 13 officials. The officials in the Regional Board are politicians elected by the member municipalities for a mandate of four years. They represent the political will of the region according to the local election results. 

Maakuntahallituksen kokoonpano.

The Regional Board 2021-2025

  • Chairman Arto Sepponen (Centre), Pieksämäki
  • ​1st vice-chairman Nina Rasola (National Coalition Party), Mikkeli
  • 2nd vice-chairman Eija Stenberg (Social Democratic Party), Savonlinna

The mermbers and deputy members of the Regional Board:

Hakala Kerttu

Leikas-Tikkanen Tiia


Hokkanen Mikko

Huupponen Erkki


Hänninen Elisa

Tilaéus Tiina


Tissari Jenni

Rautiainen Sari


Kovanen Anna-Maria

Virtanen Outi


Kukkonen Juha

Kaiponen Kari


Olkkonen Kirsi

Hämäläinen Laura


Sepponen Arto

Lamponen Markku


Stenberg Eija

Laitinen Marja


Heinänen Raimo

Hartonen Tanja


Suomalainen Tuukka

Husso Kaarle


Turunen Pekka

Selenius Jyrki


Rasola Nina

Häkkänen Markku


The five member Board of Controllers assess whether the objectives, priorities, activities, financial means and management set for the Regional Council are being met.

Regional Management Commitee

The Management Committee of EU-financed programmes 2021-2025 in South Savo comprises 28 members representing the Regional Council, the various national government authorities, education, organizations and social partners.

  • Chairman: Mr. Jonne Tynkkynen
  • Chairman of the secretariat: Ms. Pirjo Paananen
  • Secretary: Ms. Pirjo Paananen

Regional Council of Etelä-Savo, Regional Management Committee
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