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What is the Smart Specialisation Strategy of South Savo?

The Smart Specialisation Strategy summarises the identified strengths of South Savo around which we create new, competitive products and services. It provides the guidelines for the growth of the region. 

What is the purpose of the strategy?

The strategy helps identifying and selecting the areas of strength in which we invest in the future.

For whom is the strategy?

For regional decision-makers and city administrators to support their decision-making and, as a guideline, for networks of companies, R&D organisations, education providers and other stakeholders of the field.

Who made the strategy?

The strategy was made by a large number of experts from both private and public sector in South Savo.

What is the benefit of the strategy?

Common goals give us the direction towards which we move. Through mutual efforts, we will ensure the vitality and progress of South Savo in the future. 

Our goals in 2030

The Smart Specialisation Strategy relies on the identified strengths of South Savo: forest, water, food, tourism, and well-being. They form the basis for the growth of the region. 

Wealth wisely from water

The purest waters in the world are located in South Savo.

Our water expertise is an extensive source of business

South Savo, the Saimaa region, is an attractive tourist destination and a desirable place to live

Forests are a source of success and pleasure

Our forests are managed well and used sustainably

We are global leaders in several high expertise fields within forestry and business.

Tourism and well-being create new opportunities for forest use.

Vitality through ethical choices

Food chains are specialised and perform well.

Our food know-how generates high value business.

Gastronomy is our competitive advantage.

How do achieve the goals?

To achieve thesgoals, we have harnessed the best tools and actors:

We use digitalisation

We produce new and sustainable digital services that support South Savo's strengths: forest, food, water, tourism and well-being.

We encourage entrepreneurship and develop ecosystems and clusters

We create an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and international growth by building collaboration networks of businesses, research organisations and other stakeholders.

We support the green transition and green solutions

We fight climate change through innovations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make sustainable use of natural resources.

We invest in expertise

We improve the skills and RDI expertise of people and ensure the availability of a skilled workforce through foresight, quality education, and cooperation between education providers and working life.

We rely and specialise in the following strengths

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