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Smart Specialisation

Strategies for research and innovation-driven growth

Smart Specialisation

Strategies for research and innovation-driven growth

Smart Specialisation in South Savo

Smart Specialisation is a regional strategy that aims at developing new growth, business and innovation from the existing and recognised strengths and high future opportunity potential. Developing strengths into competitive advantage is the key idea behind Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3). The role of Smart Specialisation Strategy is also defined in the up-coming law regarding the regions in Finland.

In Finland, the regional councils are the strategy owners of smart specialisation. However, smart specialisation is above all a team effort, where all key players of the region have an important role to play. Our key expertise may be found on S3 platform.

Smart Specialisation Platform S3 (pdf) 

South Savo Region’s Smart Specialisation Strategy 2018-2021 relies of the regions’ natural strengths of Forest, Food and Water. We believe, that our valuable natural resources can be both maintained and utilised sustainably. In these priority area, we have aimed at developing:

  • New forest biomass products and production processes (Forest)
  • Purity and safety of food chain (Food)
  • Clean water technologies and concepts (Water)

Furthermore, the key priority areas have had a cross-cutting theme of Digitality, which has aimed at making production and service processes more efficient. In addition, another cross-cutting theme has been that of Commercialisation of Technologies.

Smart Specialisation Strategy of South Savo 2018-2021 (pdf) 

Smart Specialisation Strategy presentation

We are currently working on creating a new Smart Specialisation Strategy for 2022-2027. For more information see the contact information below.

Regions in industrial transition pilot

The East and North Finland regions of South Savo, Pohjois-Savo, North Karelia, Kainuu, Central Ostrobothnia, Oulu region and Lapland have priorly participated in European Commission's pilot for Regions in Industrial Transition. As an outcome of this pilot, the seven regions formed a co-operation network and set a joined Smart Specialisation Strategy (2019-2023) to face the challenges of deindustrialisation, high labour unit costs, aging population and lack of appropriate skill-base, just to name a few.

Smart Specialisation Strategy of East and North Finland 2019-2023

Regions in Industrial Transition

Since then, the co-operation between the seven regions of East and North Finland has developed into a strategic partnership under the industrial transition pilot. More information on this co-operation may be found on:

More information on co-operation in the East and North Finland

For more information, please contact:

Tuula Kokkonen
Manager, Business and Innovation
Tel. +358 40 678 5415

Anne Kokkonen
Manager, Regional Development, Education and Research
Tel. +358 40 770 0512