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Vitality through ethical food production

“Versatile primary production, high-quality food products and gastronomic experiences form a foundation for a flourishing food sector. The South Savo Food Cluster supports networking, internationalisation as well as creating new innovations within the sector”

Teija Rautiainen
Cluster Manager
South Savo Food Cluster

South Savo has the best and purest ingredients in the world

Our fish, extensive expertise in organic food production and D.O. Saimaa -labelled food products of local, small producers are good examples of it.

The strong and traditional food culture is our competitive advantage also internationally. Our food producation is sustainble, ethical and of high quality.

We use digital solutions efficiently in innovating new food products and commercial applications, for example, for improving food safety.

Strengths of the food sector

  • Sustainable and responsible food production
  • Purity, organic production (vegetables)
  • Digitalisation in e.g. developing food safety (use of big data)
  • High quality & commercialisation also internationally

Goals of the food sector

  • Promoting the production of pure, safe and responsible food
  • Promoting low carbon solutions
  • Commercialisation of high-quality food products and services
  • Internationalisation

South Savo's food production is sustainable and ethical

South Savo Food Cluster develops a sustainable food sector 

The South Savo Food Cluster brings together producers and experts to develop new food innovations.

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