Suoraan sisältöön

Wealth wisely from water

“The waste water treatment plant using the latest technology, waste water reclamation operations, biogas plant, and versatile R&D and testing environments form a comprehensive framework for creating new water business.”

Panu Jouhkimo
Cluster Manager
Blue Economy Mikkeli BEM

South Savo is the region of Lake Saimaa

We have the purest waters in the world, which makes South Savo an attractive region to live and visit.

We want to create wealth from water wisely. The water purification technologies and circular economy of water with digital solutions generate commercial opportunities also internationally.

The sustainable and energy-efficient use, reclaiming and recycling of water as well as solutions mitigating the climate change are the key themes in new business opportunities.

Strengths of the forest sector

  • Natural waters
  • Water purification expertise and technology
  • Circular economy opportunities
  • Exported water expertise services and products

Goals of the water sector

  • International business
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Improving energy efficiency in processes
  • Sustainable use, reclaiming and recycling of water

We want to create wealth from water wisely

South Savo's water cluster represents the top of the water sector

The circular economy of water management and water purification are at the core of the water sector.

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