Suoraan sisältöön

Success and pleasure from forests

“South Savo has the best-growing forests in Finland as well as higher education and research in the entire forest value chain. Our companies represent the international cutting edge in process technology, engineered wood products and wood construction.”

Lasse Pulkkinen
Research Director
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk

Our forests are valuable sources of economic
vitality and well-being

The forests of South Savo are well maintained and their sustainable use is the basis of all operation.

Wood processing, the use of wood components, wood construction and forest growth technologies are areas of expertise in South Savo.

We acknowlege the importance of forests in climate change mitigation as well as in safeguarding biodiversity and cherishing our cultural environment.

Strenghts of the forest sector

  • Chemical wood processing technologies
  • Further processing technology​
  • Use of forest wood components (e.g. in health and natural products)
  • Wood construction
  • Forest growth technologies
  • Recreation services

Goals of the forest sector

  • Sustainable and versatile use of forests
  • Recreation and nature values
  • Low carbon through sustainable use of wood
  • New innovations for the use of wood
  • Sustainable wood constructio
  • Climate change mitigation

South Savo is a world leader in the forest sector

Centre of forestry 

South Savo is at the top of the industry in fibre and process technology, forest and wood expertise and business.

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