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“Lake Saimaa, the daughter of ice age as it is also sometimes called, was the first tourist destination in Finland already in the late 19th century. Its story still fascinates people. Our goal is to increase tourism in a sustainable manner at the same time respecting the nature and culture of Saimaa”

Maisa Häkkinen
Director of Tourism
Visit Mikkeli

Saimaa is an attractive brand for tourists and second residence owners and renters

The diverse nature, national parks and Saimaa Geopark destinations of the lakeland, the rich cultural events, unique attractions, and local gastronomy are important, supporting factors to the attractiveness of the region.

The tourist industry is grown in a sustainable manner by focusing on quality instead of quantity. More opportunities are created for multi-locality, and digitalisation is used to, for example, facilitate services and make them more accessible.

Tourist industry is boosted in collaboration between various operators in the field keeping the customer and nature in the focus.

Strengths of the tourism sector

  • Development of the Saimaa brand
  • #1region of secondary residences, renting
  • Promotion of multi-locality
  • Rural and nature-based tourism
  • Cultural heritage and its potential
  • Responsible and sustainable tourism
  • Using digitalisation in tourism

Goals of the tourism sector

  • Strengthening and using the Saimaa brand
  • Collaboration in networks
  • Responsible and sustainable tourism

South Savo's assets in tourism are the Lake Saimaa nature, unique destinations and culture

Network for developing sustainable tourism and secondary residence opportunities

Entrepreneurs and operators in the tourism sector in South Savo are developing a region of sustainable tourism.

Read more about the network as well as other clusters in South Savo.